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Shefali Chhaya Harsh Chhaya Divorce ? Their Relationship and Split

Shefali Chhaya and Harsh Chhaya had a brief marriage before they split up.

Shefali Chhaya

Shefali Chhaya met her former husband Harsh Chhaya when they were working together in Gujarati Theater. Though Shefali?s father was Manglorean, her mother was Gujarati and she was fluent in the language. Because of her language skills, she found it easy to get a break in the Gujarati Theater. She and Harsh Chhaya fell in love and were married within a year of meeting each other.

Shefali Chhaya Harsh Chhaya Divorce ? Their Marriage and Split

At first the marriage was smooth one with Harsh Chhaya encouraging Shefali Chhayat to following her acting dream. The two started working in the television industry. In an interview, she admitted that her husband was most supportive when she took up the role in the Ram Gopal Verma starrer Satya (1998). After the movie was complete, her husband gave her the best compliment when he said, ?Even if you never act in your life again, or even if you had never acted before, what you have done in this film alone will ensure your place in the profession of acting.?

Harsh Chhaya

After Satya, Shefali and Harsh Chhaya became popular figures on TV screens across the country as their television careers took off. Both of them became leading stars of the small screen.

However, it was around this time that the marriage began to fall apart.

Shefali Chhaya Harsh Chhaya Divorce ? Post Divorce Status

The two finally divorced and Shefali re-married film director Vipul Shah. Vipul and Shefali have two kids. Harsh Chhaya took some time to recover from the broken marriage, but eventually he too re-married Bengali actor Sunita Sengupta. But Harsh Chhaya and Shefali continued to be identified with each other for a long time and even after she became Shefali Shah, she was popular as Shefali Chhaya.

Shefali Chhaya?s movie debut was in Rangeela (1995)


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